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As I’m leaving the office from my day job, I get a notification on my phone that I was totally not expecting to see for at least a couple of months. The trailer for Black Panther! It took all the effort of nine…of the race of men (who above all else, desire power…) to wait until I could sit down in front of my computer before watching the trailer and give my first impressions of the Black Panther trailer!

Two important people in the Marvelverse really stand out in what looks like an interrogation room. The first is Everett Ross (Martin Freeman aka Bilbo Baggins)–the one who pretty much shaped the Civil War. The second is Ulysses Klaw (Andy Serkis aka Gollum/Smeagol) He’s up to his old tricks with on less arm thanks to Ultron in Age of Ultron.

Klaw and Ross knows about something that no one else does–the entrance El Dorado, is in Wakanda of all places (not South America). Wakanda is a GORGEOUS country with its bright colours and beautiful waterfalls and advanced technology! I feel like I’m stepping back into Atlantis the Lost Empire all over again! I’m already a few seconds in and I want to see more of this city!


Anyways, the entrance to El Dorado has been found and Klaw is the only one to have found it and made it out alive!

We see a group of people searching for the entrance and in Black Panther fashion he swoops from the trees and kicks the living crap out of the mercenaries, flipping them over, slamming them into cars. I can’t wait to see more fights in this movie! Marvel hasn’t ticked me off yet with their fight scenes (like that wretched Bourne series. Ugh), so I’m excited to see some African martial arts in this  movie! Black Panther destroys the mercenaries, and this is where Klaw says, “I see you”, and we see none other than Black Panther himself!

Next, we see a massive air ship flying over the futuristic city of Wakanda, and a voice over saying “the world is changing”. Which world is he talking about? Is it Wakanda, or is it the “world” what with its magic and alien invasions?

Next we see someone don a mask and blow a hole in the wall where Klaw is being held prisoner (Killmonger and Man Ape?), to rescue him.

We get to see a few snippets of some martial arts and the Dora Milaje!

The next thing we see is Black Panther standing before what looks like the UN, perhaps revealing the existence of Wakanda or claiming his right to the throne as king–in an almost Tony Stark “I am Iron Man” fashion.

In the next clip, we see Michael B. Jordan as the man in the mask (Killmonger) who set Klaw free! Klaw will probably come back around and return the favour as Jordan is in captivity and is about to stand trial.

We see Killmonger go toe to toe with Black Panther, in a sword and shield battle, in an attempt to claim the throne!

When we see the Dora Milaje again–the protectors of the Black Panther! The elite force of Wakanda! And sure enough, we see Killmonger about to face off against the Doa Milaje in the next scene…I wonder who wins…

Next, we see to Wakandan warriors step out, and perhaps face off against Klaw or Killmonger (I saw Klaw because the warrior on the right has what looks like the same “claw” Klaw will get to fire those sonic blasts  of his.

We see what looks like Man Ape (just based on the white fur) in a fight for power, then Black Panther being super cool by flipping over a car and then the title card…all with the necessary hip-hop track in black sci-fi and fantasy movies.


First Impressions: I’m not a big Marvel fan, I’ll say that right off the bat. My excitement level for this is nowhere near that of my level of excitement for Wonder Woman. However, I will say that this movie looks like it will be incredible. Marvel has never disappointed me in their cinematic universe, so I expect nothing less from a Marvel movie. The Black Panther suit is awesome, the city of Wakanda is better represented in this than anything I’ve ever seen from Marvel and an all black cast for a superhero movie for sure hits home in a great way. Now, an all black cast doesn’t mean this movie is going to be “good”. I wish people would stop saying that. We (black folks) are the most brand loyal, almost to a fault. What will make this movie good is its writing, cinematography, and acting. Skin colour has nothing to do with it. All in all, I look forward to seeing more trailers and teasers as it comes time for Black Panther to claw its way to the big screen.









1 thought on “FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND BREAKDOWN: Marvel’s Black Panther”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I soooooooooooooo badly want to see this film!!! It looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Black Panther is by far the most-awesomest superhero I’ve seen! Woot-woot!!!


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