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BREAKING: Gipsy Danger Gets An Upgrade! PLUS: A Sneak Peak At New Line of Pacific Rim Toys!

The Gipsy Danger is back, and she’s bigger, better and more flipping awesome than before! In the previous Pacific Rim movie, the Gipsy Danger was the only analog mech and the hero mech of the movie. The final battle with Slattern left her utterly destroyed . But that won’t keep our hero down! The new design for the Gypsy Danger–now named Gypsy Avenger–was released as a product reveal for Tamashii Nation’s “Soul of Chogokin” line on Twitter.

But wait, there’s more! Not only is newly dubbed Gipsy Avenger getting a new look, but an upgraded arsenal as well. According to the Pacific Rim 2 fansite, the Gipsy Avenger will come equipped with Elbow Rockets, an upgraded chain sword and a plasma caster!

I assume the the Gipsy Avenger will be piloted by Scott Eastwood and John Boyega, who will be playing the son of Stacker Pentecost, the bad-ass black man from the first film excellent portrayed by Idris Elba.

Pacific Rim: Uprising will release February 8, 2018

Source(s): Twitter, Pacific Rim 2 Fansite, Figsoku, Screen Rant


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